I had a big a year filming with Ferg, buying pigs, watching the community garden grow and the birth of his daughter to name a few moments. We figured it was time to celebrate with a look back at the last 12 months and check out some of the best waves the lucky fecker surfed.


The name of the song is 'What to do with all this blue'  It was custom written for this video  by Cyberman Web aka- Derek McLoughlin. 

Huge thanks to Derek for writing such a groovy tune &  also another huge thanks to Elvis Surfmayo ,Éamonn O'Sullivan ,Square NUT Music Productions, Stephen Callaghan, Owen O'Driscoll, Aminah Dastan for preforming on the tune, legends!!


Aminah Dastan: Vocals 
Elvis Beetham: Drums (Elvis is featured in episode 4)
Stephen Callaghan: Bass
Derek McLoughlin: Piano (Derek is featured in episode 5)
Owen O'Driscoll: Guitar
Eamonn O'Sullivan: Saxaphone (Eamonn is featured in episode 6)

Mixed by Stephen Callaghan of Square Nut Productions - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Square...

Available for download at https://www.cybermanweb.bandcamp.com